Jim Bentley - Founder

We are the great Canadian motorcycling tradition, perhaps "the Ride that started them all".  But more importantly, we raise money for Vision Research. 


We're your brothers and sisters, your mothers and fathers, your sons and daughters, your uncles and aunts, your grand parents and great grand parents.

We come from all walks of life, from all parts of this wonderful country, and we

ride everything imaginable. 


We collect donations on behalf of Fighting Blindness Canada, and we come together

each year in celebration of our fundraising

efforts, at various points across the country.

It all began in 1979.  A small group of Riders road through the summer afternoon, miles of highway stretched ahead.  Just as the sun began to dip below the horizon, one of the Riders, Jack, started to lose his bearings when he felt dimness quickly close around the road ahead.

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Noticing something was wrong, Jack’s buddies moved into a close formation around his bike, and used their high beams to illuminate the road home.  When they reached their destination, Jack parked his bike for the last time.  Soon after, he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa – one of the many blinding eye diseases that affect millions of Canadians today.

This wasn’t the end of the group’s passion for riding. In hopes of finding a cure for their friend, Jack’s pals created, what would become, the longest-running charity motorcycle ride in the country – Ride for Sight.  Since then, Ride for Sight has raised over $26 million for Fighting Blindness Canada - the leading charity organization funding vision research.

From its humble beginnings,

Ride for Sight has grown from 

a small local fundraising event to a national initiative, with several Rides taking place across Canada each year.

Everyone is invited to join,

we don't care what you ride,

who you ride with, or how

you get to a celebration site. 


Pick up a Donor Sheet and start fundraising.  Ride along with us, as we take a united stand against vision loss, and continue to make history.

2019 marked our 41st Year!

Over $208,000 

delivered to Fighting Blindness Canada

Join Us for #42 in 2020!

Our Values

Ride for Sight is a history of men and women who share a common passion for motorcycling and sociable relationships. 


We believe that 90% of social interaction is based in sight, and  certainly our ability to enjoy our passion of Riding revolves around our ability to see. 


Sight is a core quality of life that all should enjoy and not enough is being done by society as a whole to ensure this.

Our mandate is to raise much-needed funds for vision research.


Our 42 year relationship with Fighting Blindness Canada has seen our Riders and Friends from all across Canada support this important initiative with over $26 million in funding, and in 2003 Ride for Sight was internationally recognized as the largest single private fundraising initiative for vision research

in the world.

Each of our provincial Teams enriches the national flavour of Ride for Sight through their talented people, unique culture,

and traditions.  We are enriched by our cultural diversity and

are determined to preserve it.  Since its foundation in 1979, Ride for Sight has always considered its greatest asset to be the men and women across Canada who have built its success through their innovative fundraising efforts.