I want to Volunteer for Ride for Sight !

Volunteers make it happen!

Different opportunities are available at different Celebrations.


From setting up the Celebration site, with grass cutting, laying out fire pots, fencing,  , loading in Vendors, putting up signage, registering Riders and giving them directions, Safety and Security, Firewood Sales, Refreshment Sales (Smart Serve), First Aid, Gear Sales, Ticket Sales, Poker Run, Entertainment, Auction - to feeding our Entertainment and the other Volunteers - there is a lot of opportunity to get your Volunteer ON at Ride for Sight!


Make It


Ride for Sight  Always in support of Fighting Blindness Canada

Fighting Blindness Canada is located at 890 Yonge St., 12th Floor, Toronto, ON   M4W 3P4

Tel: 1-800-461-3331  Ext. 224         F: 416-360-0060          info@rideforsight.com

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