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19 ON C Glenda Raelene Pycha Volunteers.
I want to Volunteer for Ride for Sight !

Thanks we'll get back to you soon!

Volunteers make it happen!

Different opportunities are available at different Celebrations.


From setting up the Celebration site, with grass cutting, laying out fire pots, fencing,  , loading in Vendors, putting up signage, registering Riders and giving them directions, Safety and Security, Firewood Sales, Refreshment Sales (Smart Serve), First Aid, Gear Sales, Ticket Sales, Poker Run, Entertainment, Auction - to feeding our Entertainment and the other Volunteers - there is a lot of opportunity to get your Volunteer ON at Ride for Sight!

10 NL Lambs case.jpg
05 ON C Quinte West Team 2.jpg
Ride for Sight NL & L Team Members.jpg
19 sk 8.PNG
Ride for Sight Volunteers_edited.jpg
18 ON C for web volunteers fenelon.jpg
19 NL Show n Shine Reg.jpg
Ride for Sight DJcKutz 2018.jpg
05 ON C Welcome Ride for Sight w Mike Co
donna band stage19 martianrebel.jpg
15 SK Riders aaa.jpg
17 SK young winner 2.jpg
17 ON NW gear volunteer.jpg


Make It


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