ONLINE Fundraisers

get extra chances

throughout the season

to win prizes.

What can I use my Online Fundraising Page for?

Once you have started your Online Fundraising Page, you can easily send personal requests for donations to your fundraising efforts, to all or some of your E-mail contacts, and you can also make requests through your FACEBOOK page.


Once you've sent your requests, your fundraising success will be tracked on your page.


You can even invite friends to join you at the Ride for Sight Celebration from your page.

How do I get a Personal Online Fundraising Page?

Click on the Start Your Online Fundraising button.

You'll go to the secure Ride for Sight Fundraising site.

The instructions are all on the site and are quite easy to follow.

Put your login and password info aside in case you forget it.

You can log in as often as you like to change anything on your page or to check your progress.

You can set your personal fundraising GOAL as LOW as you like, or as HIGH as you feel you can reach.

Adding personal pictures to your page, if you have them, is very effective.

Adding a personal tone to the message is very helpful to fundraising success.  You can make the message your very own, or change it just a little.  Tell why you're involved, why Vision Research is important to you, why you love the Ride...

Making a donation to yourself is a great way to get things going, and shows the people you are asking that you are committed.



How do I make changes to my personal fundraising page?

First go to the Online Fundraising site and log in.


How do I change my fundraising goal?

  1. Click the fundraising tab on the left, or across the top.

  2. Click ‘change’ beside the Fundraising Goal amount.

  3. Enter the amount you would like to raise.

  4. Click ‘Save’.

  5. The amount will change and you will see ‘Update Successful’ in green below the amount. Your personal fundraising page is now updated.


How do I change my personal message?

  1. Click the fundraising tab on the left, or across the top.

  2. You will see the ‘Your Page Name’ and ‘Your Page Message’ boxes. Here you can change or personalize your message.

  3. Make any changes you wish. We encourage you to tell people what the Ride means to you and why you support it. Get creative! 

  4. Click ‘Save Changes’ below the ‘Images and Videos’ boxes. Your personal fundraising page is now updated.


How do I add or change pictures or videos to my personal fundraising page?

Your personal fundraising page comes loaded with some standard Ride for Sight images. However, we encourage you to add your own images.

  1. Click the fundraising tab on the left, or across the top.

  2. Click the ‘Add Image’ or ‘Add Video’ button above the image and video boxes

  3. A dialog box will come up. Here you will select the image from your computer and click ‘Upload Image.’

  4. Another dialog box will pop up. Add the image title and description here and click ‘Save Changes.’ Your personal fundraising page is now updated.


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