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Our vision has been 2020 since inception:  

Unite Canadians to fund the necessary vision research needed to cure blindness! And we've never strayed from that road.

Ride for Sight is a proven favourite of the Canadian Rider and non-riding motorcycle enthusiast alike.  It has always been about raising funds for Fighting Blindness Canada and their important eye disease research, and today the dedication of our Riders remains steadfast.

Riders from every part of Canada, over

the years, have helped to deliver over $26 million dollars for essential vision research to Fighting Blindness Canada. 

A proud 42 year history,

our rallying cry remains the same:

Ride for Sight ...because you can!


Join Us!

Ride for Sight Sponsors, Supporters and Friends


Ride for Sight is the great Canadian motorcycling tradition, perhaps "the Ride that started them all"; but more importantly we unite Canadians to fund Vision Research.


We're your brothers and sisters, your mothers and fathers, your neighbors, your co-workers, your sons and daughters, your uncles and aunts, your nieces and nephews, your grand parents.... We come from all walks of life, from all parts of this wonderful country, and we ride everything imaginable.


We raise funds on behalf of Fighting Blindness Canada, and we come together each year in celebration of our fundraising efforts at various points across the country.  From our humble beginnings in 1979 to today, we've been committed to one thing: Fighting Blindness.   

Join Us!  We don't care what you ride, we don't care what you wear!  Choose your Province, print a donation sheet and start fundraising.  Whether you raise $75 or $7,500 your efforts at fundraising will be appreciated.  

We hope to see you at a Celebration!

Ride for Sight Throughout the Years Across Canada

Thank you Riders and Friends,

we are happy to announce that Riders and Friends brought over $208,000 to the Celebrations.  

These donations have been delivered to Fighting Blindness Canada.


Your 2019 High Milers

(If you have questions about tax receipts please call 1-800-461-3331 

or email info@fightingblindness.ca and reference RFS Tax Receipt).

2019 Highlights


Top Canadian Fundraising Team


of Ontario

Top Online Fundraising Team


of Ontario



Top Canadian Fundraiser

Jerry Kubik

of Lethbridge, Alberta

Top Online Fundraiser

Jerry Kubik

of Lethbridge, Alberta


Thank you Jerry for your continued, awesome, fundraising on behalf of Ride for Sight and Fighting Blindness Canada!  Thank you also to your amazing and dedicated Donors!


 Ride for Sight

2020 T-Shirt

Now Available

Ride for Sight & Town of Gander NL
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Winner of the $1,000 Poker Hand

at Ride for Sight Alberta 2019, long-time Rider, High Miler, Keith Andison of  Edmonton.   

Ride for Sight

Rides Back Into Manitoba in 2019

35 Years of Fundraising by Wilma & Ed

The whole Hennebury family, of Baie Verte, NL, was in attendance at Ride for Sight Newfoundland & Labrador in Gander, to celebrate

Ed & Wilma's 35th consecutive year together at Ride for Sight, and fundraising for Fighting Blindness Canada through Ride for Sight.

Ed and Wilma were the Top Newfoundland & Labrador Fundraisers this year, and have raised over $100,000 to date through their many years of collecting donations on behalf of Ride for Sight and Fighting Blindness Canada.

Congratulations Wilma & Ed,

and thank you for your inspiring dedication to the fight against blindness.

Top Ontario Coordinator

Rider, Volunteer, Coordinator, High Miler, Steve Brown of Scarborough, Ontario decided to raise $100 for each year he has participated in Ride for Sight - bing bang boom - Over $3,000 delivered for his 30th Year - this year!  Nothing short of fantastic!  Thank you Steve, we'll see you at the Bike Shows in

Ontario this winter.

Alberta Rider 36 Years

This was year 36 at Ride for Sight for Rider, Steve McQueen, and we finally caught up with him. Steve McQueen of Lethbridge, AB was presented with his 2018 plaque for 35 consecutive

years as a 

Ride for Sight Rider, at the Celebration in Bragg Creek, AB.  

Steve, your commitment to Ride for Sight in Alberta is awesome. 

Alberta Riders take the Road to Ontario

Alberta Riders and High Milers, Cliff and Joyce Lastiwka made the long ride to Ontario from Whitecourt, AB in June, bringing with them $5,900 in donations, many of which they collected enroute.  The Ontario Volunteers found them another $100 in donations to make it an even $6,000!


The Ontario Volunteer Team met them with open arms, and even let them help out around the Celebration site.  Later in July, Cliff made it down to the Bragg Creek Celebration in Alberta also - bringing more donations.

Ride for Sight Cancellation Policy block

Ride for Sight  Always in support of Fighting Blindness Canada

Fighting Blindness Canada is located at 890 Yonge St., 12th Floor, Toronto, ON   M4W 3P4

Tel: 1-800-461-3331  Ext. 224         F: 416-360-0060          info@rideforsight.com

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Notice: Reproduction without explicit permissions is strictly prohibited. 

No usage of any content is permissible without express written permission from the website owner.

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