As Riders, we applaud the abilities of those dealing with blindness, but more importantly we feel we need treatments and cures for the diseases that cause blindness!  Research is the only hope.  Join us today in the fight against blindness.

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Thank you Riders and Friends, we are happy to announce that Riders and Friends brought over $200,000 to the Celebrations.  

These donations have been delivered to Fighting Blindness Canada.


Your 2019 High Milers                   Your 2018 High Milers

(If you have questions about tax receipts please call 1-800-461-3331 

or email and reference RFS Tax Receipt).


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Top On-Line 


Jerry Kubik

of Alberta


Top Canadian


John Kane

of Ontario


2018 Top On-Line

Fundraising Team

Brampton Crew of Ontario

2018 Top Canadian Fundraising Team

York Region HOG of Ontario

Story contributed by Luis Vieira, a long-time Ride for Sight supporter and High Miler. Pictured here with some of the Brampton Crew.

In 2002 I was asked by a group of friends if I would like to do a ride to Collingwood, Ontario. I had no idea what to expect or what the ride was all about but as a fairly new rider, I thought it would be an amazing experience. We rode to the International Centre and I was blown away by the amount of motorcycles in the parking lot.

“START YOUR ENGINES!” and I was hooked.

                                                                   read more ...

Ride for Sight - Always in support of Fighting Blindness Canada

Fighting Blindness Canada is located at 890 Yonge Street, 12th Floor, Toronto, ON  M4W 3P4

Tel: 1-800-461-3331 Ext. 224        F: 416-360-0060

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